HR surgeries

During these unprecedented times, the need to help and guide managers to support their staff in new ways has been identified.

We know that many managers are facing issues, queries and situations they may never have had to face before. Examples include supporting staff who have been furloughed or identifying staff who may be eligible for furlough, supporting staff who are trying to juggle work demands alongside childcare or home schooling. We also know that staff are at risk of developing mental ill health or for pre-existing poor mental health to worsen during lockdown whilst staff cope with isolation, grief and anxiety about their own health or about loved ones. On a very practical level, we know that managers are also fielding queries regarding annual leave, volunteering leave and equipment/facilities to support home working.

To address some of these issues as a priority and to provide support for managers, HR will be hosting a series of surgeries. Whilst we can not pretend that we have all the answers as many of us are also facing some of these issues for the first time, we believe that by coming together, sharing experiences, providing advice and problem solving we can begin to address some of the common concerns and in turn provide much needed support for staff.


6 Themes have been identified as initial priorities based on feedback from UMT plenary, queries into the Coronavirus mailbox and live stream broadcasts as follows:

  • Managing Annual Leave during & after lockdown
  • Working flexibly in the new context
  • Supporting staff feeling anxious and isolated
  • Identifying and Managing Furloughed staff
  • Using the Job shop effectively
  • Supporting staff on maternity leave and with childcare

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