Biorisk 3: Shipping biological substances and dry ice (Classroom)
Duration 1 day
Team Health and Safety

Biological material used in research or teaching may present a hazard and require special handling for transport. All samples also represent an investment in time, effort, and other resources. Therefore they should always be packed and labelled properly, and accompanied by appropriate paperwork to prevent damage or loss during carriage, regardless of whether transport regulations apply or not. Material subject to transport regulations must be packed under the guidance of a trained and certified individual within an organisation. This course covers both national and international carriage and will help faculties, schools and laboratories to fulfil that obligation.

The course concludes with a short open-book exam enabling candidates to achieve CAA certification (requested by couriers shipping packages). Certification is valid for two years after which this course must be re-taken.

For / Special Requirements

This course is provided to the University by an accredited tutor and attracts a charge of approx. £100 (attendee number dependent), to cover tutor fees, examination marking, CAA certification, lunch and refreshments.

 A budget code must be provided to Safety and Health Services (email, tel. 88780) within 5 working days of booking this course on-line to secure your place. 


At the end of the course attendees will be able to:

  • Understand their legal responsibilities when shipping dangerous goods by air (ICAO / IATA) and by road (ADR)   

  • Classify their shipments focusing on biological substances (Class 6.2) and miscellaneous dangerous goods (Class 9) - specifically dry ice.

  • Determine State and Operator variations to the requirements

  • Select and apply the packing requirements for these items

  • Label and mark packages correctly for shipping

  • Provide the required shipping documentation for their packages

  • Provide advice and supervision for shippers within their teams or areas

Web Notes Maximum number of participants is 22. Training materials, lunch and refreshments will be provided.
Further information Please contact the University Biological Safety Advisor.
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