CellProfiler: An introduction to object detection, measurement and batch processing
Duration 0.5 days
Team Faculty of Life Sciences

CellProfiler is a free, open-source image analysis software package specialising in object segmentation and measurement. Processing steps are inserted as modules into workflow 'pipelines', which can be run in batch mode on image collections, with results collated into a single spreadsheet. Available CellProfiler modules include object segmentation, object size/shape measurement, object intensity measurement, colocalisation and spatial proximity/overlap of objects. 

This workshop is suitable for anyone acquiring microscopy data as part of their research. Familiarity with basic image processing concepts will be necessary. These concepts are covered in the course "ImageJ/Fiji Level 1" (materials available here https://goo.gl/vMPUd9).  

The worked examples will concentrate on fluorescence microscopy but the techniques used are widely applicable to other types of images. There will not be an opportunity for users to work on their own data during these sessions but further guidance is available for this. 

Training will be provided by staff from the Wolfson Bioimaging Facility during the hands on session which will cover basic user interface elements, running image processing techniques, plotting data and batch processing multiple images. Advice will also be provided on finding further information and on opportunities for Facility users to receive further help from our support staff.

This session is limited to 20 places

LocationStart DateAll DatesTimesPlaces AvailableTutorBook
School of Medical Sciences06 May 202006 May 20201:00pm - 4:30pm26Dr Mark Jepson