Virtual Staff Wellbeing Festival - Nutrition for Energy and Stress
Duration 1 hour
Team Staff Development
It can be hard to maintain energy when you’re out of routine and it’s tempting to grab snacks and drink more coffee. Constant media updates and restrictions leave many of us feeling anxious, more susceptible to stress and with lower mood. This session covers what is happening to our body when we feel like this and an eating routine that will support energy levels and focus as well as boosting resilience and mood

Imagine how it would feel to:
  • Come out of lock down fitter and healthier than when you went in
  • Feel calm and relaxed with improved mood
  • Know you’re doing the right things to support your immune system
  • Have lots of ideas for interesting but quick and simple meals and snacks
  • Be full of energy even when you’re working from home
Joanne is a Nutritional Therapist with over a decade of experience working with individuals and organisations to support energy, mental health and resilience. She believes in simple and practical changes that have a big impact on how you feel and is full of tips and ideas for how you can incorporate these changes into your life.

Session information:
  • Provided online via Zoom
  • Including presentation, interaction, tasks to work on over the week and Q&A
  • Tips and ideas for how to incorporate changes
  • Simple advice with practical changes and clear next steps
  • Lots of meal and snack ideas for working from home
Once you have booked your session, you will receive a confirmation email. You will also receive a link to join the session via Zoom. Please note that this session is being hosted and delivered by Joanne Crovini who is external to the University of Bristol. 

Please contact if you have questions about this session.
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