Radiation Protection Training for Users of SEALED Radioactive Sources
Duration 1 day
The aim of this course is to provide an understanding of the basic principles of radiation protection for users of sealed radioactive sources and to satisfy the requirements of Regulation 14 of the Ionising Radiation Regulations 1999.

Further local training may be needed before a new radiation worker can be considered sufficently trained and competent to work unsupervised with sealed radioactive sources.
For / Special Requirements The course consists of a PowerPoint presentation and Word document (for users to print out, if required), both available from the ionising radiation section of the Safety & Health Services website (Training Materials tab).
Objectives At the end of the course attendees should:

  • Have the basic pre-requisite knowledge on which local training within your School can build the specialised training you need to carry out work with sealed radioative sources safely.
  • Know where to look and who to contact if you are not sure how to safely used sealed radioactive sources or there is an accident/ emergency.
  • Understand that compliance with the University policy and guidance document 'Working with Ionising Radiation' is a legal obligation on each worker.
Course charges Cancellation fee: Your Division/Faculty will incur a £50 charge should you fail to attend on the day or cancel your place any later than three full working days before the course.
Further information Please consult your School Radiation Protection Supervisor in the first instance to ensure that you are made aware of all training requirements relating to work with sealed radioactive sources in your School and ensure that your training record is signed off by yourself and all other necessary persons.

Dates to be arranged locally with the School Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)
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