Healthcare (Clinical) Laboratory Waste Auditing
Duration 0.5 days
Team Staff Development
This course aims to provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills to:

  • carry out laboratory healthcare (clinical) desktop waste audits
  • carry out laboratory healthcare (clinical) departmental waste audits
  • review, interpret and report on data
  • reduce costs and aid compliance by preventing wastes arising from workplace activities through laboratory waste audits 
  • improve the management of wastes that are unavoidable through waste auditing
For / Special Requirements This course is targeted at:

  • Laboratory Managers
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • H&S Mangers
Objectives Waste pre-acceptance is the process of assessing the characteristics of a waste to enable a decision to be made about the appropriate disposal or recovery method for the waste. For some types of waste it is possible to take a sample of the waste and carry out analysis to determine its characteristics. This might work for a chemical waste, but it isn't really possible for clinical and healthcare wastes that are highly cariable in composition and have associated hazards that make handling of the waste inappropriate. As such pre-acceptance for clinical and healthcare wastes is undertaken using the pre-acceptance audit methodology. In essence this means that the waste is sampled and assessed at source by inspecting it as it is produced and reviewing the processes for its production and subsequent management. The information obtained during the pre-acceptance audit then informs the disposal or recovery method for each waste stream, colour coding, labeling legislation and statutory guidance to ensure that the method used is appropriate, compliant, reflects best practice and reduces the risk of harm to people or the environment. This training course will walk you through a typical pre-acceptance audit covering most common areas, associated paperwork and waste streams. 
Further information The University has a statutory Duty of Care to ensure any healthcare (clinical) waste that it sends to incineration or alternative for treatment is audited on an annual basis. This is directed under the Environment Agency's Pre-Acceptance Audits Guidance 2010. Failure to produce these audits may result in the University's waste being refused from disposal sites. 

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