Laboratory spills - response and emergency planning
Duration 0.25 days
Team Health and Safety
  • Provide an introduction to spill response with emphasis on the laboratory environment.
  • Provide skills to help with developing a spill response plan.
Objectives 1. Discuss different types of potential spill at the University and properties and behaviours of different substances when released.
2. Provide a general chemical awareness including hazard identification and information, chemical exposure and routes and health effects.
3. Response planning and prioritisation.
4. Overview of spill response procedure.
5. Demonstrate a need to prevent spills occurring through chemical containment and transport. Discuss the impacts of large spills by explaining pollution impacts on the environment, cost and health and safety implications.
6. Overview of legal responsibilities.
7. Raise awareness of dealing with spill safely and responsibilities.
Further information This course aims to empower staff with the kowledge to deal with and escalate where necessary spill response and is suitable for all staff involved in laboratory use of chemical substances, management of areas where chemicals are stored or where activities may result in a spill.
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