Change Management for Langford Vets
Duration 1 day
Team Staff Development

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Outcome:  By the end of the session attendees will have a deeper understanding of what good change management looks like and the importance of communicating the ‘what’ and ‘why’ and engaging staff during change.  This will include discussion on how to manage change when you do not have all the information re. the ‘what’. In addition, attendees will develop a better understanding of how staff react to change as well as how they can support their staff through change.    



·              What is Change Management? 

·              University approach to change management 

·              What are the benefits of good change management? 

·              5 steps to successful change 

·              What and why 

·              Reactions to change – change curve, comfort zone and psychological colours 

·              Communication v engagement 

·              Purpose, picture, plan and participation 

·              How can I support those affected?  

·              What support can the Change Management Team provide? 

What you’ll leave with

  • Understanding of a 5 step process that can help you to manage change
  • Experience of using tools and techniques to enhance your skills in understanding and managing change
  • Being better equipped to support yourself & your team through times of significant change at work.

What to do before you attend: Delegates will receive brief pre-reading prior to the session.

Who this course is aimed at: this is a bespoke course created for Team Leaders, Head Nurses, Senior Managers and Managers at Langford Vets.

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