Workplace Training: 1 to 1 Demonstration Skills
Duration 0.5 days
Team Staff Development
This workshop looks at practical considerations when doing demonstrating/training with individuals. We will identify the skills required to determine the actual learning need, to plan what to cover so that these learning opportunities are focused towards an effective outcome for the ‘learner’. We will identify some of the barriers to learning, including how to avoid training that leaves ‘learners’ feeling swamped by overload of information or instructions, or receiving unstructured, random training.

Duration: ½ day
For / Special Requirements For staff who do ad-hoc or planned 1 to 1 demonstration/training, e.g, to support others in use of equipment, or techniques.
Further information Note: If you do demonstrating/training with individuals and small groups we would recommend you only attend the ‘Delivering small group training’ Workshop as the difference between small group and individual training will be explored.
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