Presentation skills - giving confident presentations
Duration 2 days
Team Staff Development

Covid-19 Response
This course has been paused as the content is not currently deemed suitable for online delivery. Please see below for resources suggested in lieu of the course.

Course overview

Whether you are standing in front of an audience giving a presentation, delivering induction sessions to groups, or briefing colleagues at a meeting, all of these require similar skills to get your message across effectively.

In this practical workshop we will look at how to prepare and structure your presentation, engage with your audience, use visual aids effectively, and how to control your nerves to increase your confidence.

You will have two opportunities to practice your skills and to receive constructive feedback to help you enhance your presentations.

This workshop is delivered over 2 days (exactly 1 week apart). Please ensure you check that you are available for both dates before booking.

What to do before you attend: Before attending the first day of this workshop you need to prepare a presentation, approximately 5 minutes long, on a subject of your choice. You will deliver this on the first day and receive constructive feedback from the facilitator and the other workshop participants. You will then have a week to work on this presentation, or develop a new one, and deliver this at the second workshop day. This presentation should be 15 minutes long.

Who this course is aimed at: This course is suitable for any member of Professional Services staff who are new to presenting, or those with some experience seeking to enhance their presentation skills.

Resources suggested in lieu of course:

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Assess Your Presentation Skills - a self-assessment

Presentation Proficiency Test - a quick test

A-Z on Getting the Best from your Voice - practical guidance and techniques

Jo Caulfield: Top Tips for Engaging an Audience - a short video

Visual Aids checklist 

Presentations 101 - an interactive course 

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Develop your Presentation Skills - a learning path that provides several courses on this theme

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How to Give a Killer Presentation - an article with example TED talks

What Makes an Effective Presentation? - a two week online course with FutureLearn.

13 Zoom Presentation Tips to Ace Your Next Online Meeting

6 Tips for Presenting on Zoom

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