Supervising @UoB
Duration 1 day
Team Staff Development

Covid-19 Response
This course has been paused as the content is not currently deemed suitable for online delivery. Please see below for resources suggested in lieu of the course.

Course overview

One of the most challenging career transitions is from team member to team supervisor. Individuals in a supervisory role are no longer on equal terms with their peers, and find themselves needing to take the lead, make decisions and allocate work. This course is designed to give newly appointed supervisors some key tools so they can lead by example and be an effective support to the line manger. 

What we will cover

  • Supervisor v Manager (What is the difference? Definition of a supervisor, Personal declaration)
  • Managing your time (Setting weekly and daily goals, Time stealers, The power hour)
  • Setting and agreeing goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound
  • Delegation (A 6 step approach, Relinquishing control)
  • Giving feedback (Catching things early, Having structure for giving feedback, The BOOST model)
  • Coaching Skills (Curious line of enquiry, Listening to understand, Setting an action plan)

What you’ll leave with

  • More confidence in your role as supervisor
  • The ability to handle delicate situations assertively and still arrive at an agreeable outcome
  • The ability to set clear goals and actions
  • The ability to mentor new members of staff and provide constructive feedback

Who this course is aimed at: This programme has been developed for newly appointed supervisors or those about to be promoted to a supervisory role who have had no formal training. This course is equally suitable for those who are taking on a supervisor role on an ad hoc basis, or for those who desire to develop the skills needed to be a successful supervisor.

Resources suggested in lieu of course:

UoB internal resources KnowHow

Managing Remote Workers - a quick guide 

HR A-Z policies, procedures & guidance - a list of HR policies that may be useful 

UoB Vision and Strategy document - the University strategy forms a large part of the managers' training, so it might be helpful to be familiar with this 

Expectations of Managers @UoB - six expectations enable managers to understand the organisational context and responsibilities of their role at the University, as well as how to use this to help engage and motivate their staff 

New to managing staff? - links to other resources along with our courses. Please note that we are in the process of reviewing and updating our offer for the coming academic year. 

Supervising @UoB playlist
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How to Delegate
Top Tips for Empowering your Team

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