Duration 8 days
Team Staff Development
Overview and learning outcomes
Thinking is a supreme human faculty, however, unless we learn how to control our thinking, to direct it and make best use of it, we can waste time, energy and lack focus. Over thinking can also make us anxious and cause stress.

Developing a mindfulness practice builds the ‘muscles’ of our brain, so that we have greater control over our thinking, and so are more able to choose what we pay attention to and with what state of mind.

This programme aims to support you in developing your own daily mindfulness practice. This can help you to:

* focus and concentrate on the present task
* make better decisions
* reduce stress, anxiety and conflict at work
* notice patterns in the way you think and respond to others
* tune into people more fully so you can communicate better

This eight-week programme follows a structure endorsed by the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations and is supported by an evidence base.

What to expect from the workshops
We will be learning to practice mindfulness in a small informal group of up to twelve people. We will learn more about the nature of our thoughts and feelings and how to respond to situations, reducing the impact of stress. Sharing and learning from your colleagues within the group is often an important part of the process.

Expectations of you between workshops
Mindfulness is essentially a practical skill. Although the theory of mindfulness can offer some useful insights into how to work more effectively or better manage your health, its real value is in applying it. The programme is designed so that you can try it out and find a way that you can embed mindfulness in your daily life. So that you can learn the practical skill and realise some of the benefits of mindfulness, we ask that you aim to do at least thirty minutes of mindfulness practise each day of the programme and a review activity. Research shows that the participants who experience the greatest benefit are those who complete the greatest amount of home practice.

Sarah McCowen works in the University as a Staff Coach and a Staff Counsellor and has trained to teach mindfulness skills with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University (one of the three centres of expertise in the UK).

Please note that by registering for the programme you are signing up for all eight sessions and agreeing to try the mindfulness practices for at least thirty minutes every day between sessions.

Please only apply if you are able to attend all 8 weeks.

For / Special Requirements Your current circumstances
Kindly note that the Mindfulness Programme is not suitable for everyone. For example if you have suffered a recent bereavement, or are currently suffering with depression, anxiety or serious illness, we request that you contact the tutor, Sarah McCowen (Sarah.McCowen@bristol.ac.uk) before registering.

Course charges Cancellation fee:  Your Division/Faculty will incur a £100 charge should you fail to attend on the day or cancel your place any later than ten full working days before the course. 

Further information Waiting list: Staff Development will operate a waiting list should this course become full, becuase of this places are non-transferable between colleagues. 

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