Introduction to assertiveness
Duration 1.5 days
Team Staff Development

Covid-19 Response
This  course has been paused as the content is not currently deemed suitable for online delivery. Please see below for resources suggested in lieu of the course.

Course overview

This practical workshop focuses on developing an understanding of the difference between assertive, non-assertive, passive/aggressive and aggressive behaviour, and the potential impact of each of these behaviours on our working relationships.

Through a series of exercises we will identify the main characteristics of each behaviour, and review how our behaviour affects how we handle situations. We will go on to explore the skills and techniques behind assertive behaviour. 

This workshop is delivered as x 1 whole day and  x 1 half  day sessions one week apart

Week 1 - x 1 whole day 
Week 2 - x 1 half day

Who this course is aimed at: Suitable for any member of Professional Services staff who has identified a need to develop their understanding of assertive behaviour to improve their effectiveness at work.

Resources suggested in lieu of course:

KnowHow LinkedIn Learning

Developing Assertivess - a short article

Assessing My Confidence - a self-assessment

Do you Know when to Say No? - a self-assessment

Top Tips for being Assertive not Aggressive 

Develop my Confidence - a short article

Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour - an infographic 

Assertiveness Training - a short course 

Assert Yourself, an Empowered Choice - a short course 


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