Committee Servicing
Duration 2 hours
Team Staff Development

Covid-19 Response
This course has been paused as the content is not currently deemed suitable for online delivery. Please see below for resources suggested in lieu of the course.

Course overview

Committees are a major feature of University life, and for their effective running rely heavily on the committee secretaries who service them. Do you want to improve your confidence for this important role?

This workshop covers the whys, what’s, how’s and who’s of committee servicing and is aimed at staff who service and support committees, whether you are new to the role or an ‘old hand’ in the University of Bristol. The course is specifically tailored to facilitate and enhance University of Bristol good practice, whether in formal high-level committee meetings or more informal staff meetings.

This workshop explores the constitutional and practical issues that are relevant for servicing committees - whether at University, Faculty or School levels - , and discusses the roles that the committee secretary plays in ensuring, together with the Chair, that a committee is effective, efficient, and accountable. The workshop explores:

  • the nature and importance of committee work (including committee member responsibilities and accountability), and the role of the committee secretary and their relationship with the committee Chair;
  • the effective planning of the annual cycle of business for a committee;
  • the planning of individual meetings, including the setting of agendas; the preparation of papers such as reports; meeting follow-up including minute-writing and actions management; and any other committee documentation such as terms of reference;
  • in-meeting role of the secretary, including the recording of important decisions and confidential information, and advising the Chair.

Who this course is aimed at: The workshop is aimed both at people who are relatively new to committee servicing and secretaries looking for a refresher.

Online resources suggested in lieu of course:

UoB internal resources KnowHow   LinkedIn Learning 

Governance SharePoint site - the resources section on the top ribbon has tools & templates for agendas, minutes etc. 

Committee Prodedures and Templates - this also has agenda templates, along with other links that may be of interest. 

Committee Information - information and guidance regarding University committees. 

Top tips for using agendas and minutes - a short article

Joint Councils and Committees - a short article with checklist template

Taking minutes - this takes you to a playlist of different courses, from 3 minutes or longer. 

Note-taking for business professionals  - a 47 minute course about taking notes, including how to effectively write meeting minutes. 


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