MyERP: Introduction for Line Managers
Duration 2 hours
Team MyERP Training Team
This course covers the reporting options and processes in MyERP which support line management. It mixes theory and hands-on practice.

Target Audience: Line managers wishing to explore the reports and processes to support line management in MyERP. 

  • Staffing information and reports
  • Line management processes and approval tasks conducted in MyERP
  • High level overview of the sickness recording process

Please note that courses relating to MyERP are being served digitally for the foreseeable future and may be accessed via the Training Portal found on the MyERP Support site. The course relating to core skills for managers may be found here: MyERP: Core Skills - “8 things you need to know”. 

Pre-Requisites You should be a current Line Manager of at least one person, and be set up in MyERP as such. Professional Services staff should also attend the course Line Managing @UoB (ideally before this course) or have equivalent experience.

Please also make sure that before you arrive at the course you have read your School/Section Absence Co-ordination Policy.
Course charges A non-attendance and late cancellation fee of £50 applies to this course. For further details see our Terms and Conditions.
Further information This is a tutor-led hands on course without refreshment breaks.

How-to-Guides are on the MyERP web pages.
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