Unconscious Bias in Recruitment Training
Duration 0.2 days
Team Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)
Bias can creep into any situation where individuals have the power to influence the outcome through their decisions and actions. It can cause us to make decisions that are not objective and miss opportunities, especially in organisational recruitment. This course is aimed at hiring managers and colleagues involved in the recruitment and selection process who want a better understanding of the types of behaviours that fall within the remit of unconscious bias and to ensure that fairness, inclusion and transparency is the underpinning theme of all recruitment processes and practices.
Pre-Requisites You must have completed the Successful recruitment and selection training before attending this course
  • Understand unconscious bias.
  • Learn about the types of unconscious bias that play out in recruitment.
  • Identify areas of personal biases and its implications on decision making processes.

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