Bristol Mind: Responding to Distress - Building confidence in responding to distressed students
Duration 2 hours
Team Academic Staff Development

If you need to book / cancel your place, please do so in Develop, the new learning management system.

Alternatively, please email:

This workshop has been converted to an on-line version of the programme that was available at the end of 2019 (Building confidence in responding to distressed students offered by Bristol Mind).
It is aimed at all staff whose role involves interaction with students. It helps staff to build awareness of mental health issues, in order to develop the necessary confidence and communication skills to respond with compassion to students experiencing a range of distress.

Pre-Requisites Important note: If you feel that you are not in the right space to attend this training or have recently experienced a bereavement or student death please let the Staff Development Team know ( and we can help you rebook for a later course.

We ask you to:

  • Be prepared for the workshop to arouse a range of intellectual and emotional reactions in yourself and other participants.
  • Listen respectfully to the experiences of others in the room.
  • Pay attention to your own emotional well-being – take time out from the workshop should you need to.
For / Special Requirements This session is aimed at any staff interacting with students both academic and professional services including our Hourly paid Tutors
  • To take time to reflect on the current situation that participants find themselves in, and consider their own wellbeing in a supportive environment
  • Connect with colleagues about the current picture for the people they are supporting who may be experiencing distress
  • Learn about how to notice and respond to distress appropriately
  • Consider how communication works, and learn the basic requirements for good listening, and how these responses translate to support offered remotely by telephone, text, email, webchat and zoom.
Course charges
Please be aware that failure to cancel your place three full working days before a course or failure to attend a course will incur a £50 charge to your school.  
Important: Please seek approval from your line manager or equivalent before booking onto this course.
Further information If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact Staff Development:
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