Open MP
Duration 0.5 days
Team ACRC (Advanced Computing Research Centre)

This workshop wlll introduce OpenMP which is one of the simplest methods available to make your program take advantage of the multiple processors or cores available in modern computers. OpenMP is used by adding 'parallel' regions to an existing program and using these regions to divide work over multiple threads. This hands-on workshop will demonstrate how OpenMP can be used in C, C++ and Fortran programs and will discuss best practice to gain maximum performance. 
Some basic knowledge of either C, C++ or Fortran will be required. 
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31 Great George Street Room 1.17 – training room with PCs

31 Great George Street Room 1.18 – training room with PCs

31 Great George Street Room 3.05 – meeting room - please bring laptops

Chemistry Room W414 – computer room with PCs

Queen’s Building Design Suite F101a – laptops available

If you wished to book a workshop in one of the training rooms at 31 Great George Street and have a mobility issue please email to arrange.
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