Data Analysis in Python
Duration 0.5 days
Team ACRC (Advanced Computing Research Centre)
The workshop will give a basic introduction to the numerical and data analysis tools available in Python, particularly focusing on Pandas for time-series analysis, NumPy for fast numerical calculations on large data sets and Matplotlib for publication-quality graphs and plots. It will also introduce the Jupyter Notebook as a way of interleaving prose with your code as a form of 'literate programming'.
Pre-Requisites This workshop will be based on Python and you should already have a good working knowledge of Python or have completed the 'Beginning Python' and 'Intermediate Python' courses.

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31 Great George Street Room 1.17 – training room with PCs

31 Great George Street Room 1.18 – training room with PCs

31 Great George Street Room 3.05 – meeting room - please bring laptops

Chemistry Room W414 – computer room with PCs

Queen’s Building Design Suite F101a – laptops available

If you wished to book a workshop in one of the training rooms at 31 Great George Street and have a mobility issue please email to arrange

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